I worked with Heidi Ho Organics for 4 years as their only in-house designer. On May 18th they had to temporarily halt production and lay off their workers. Although I was laid off, I continued working with them to redevelop the brand as a contract hire. Since then we have developed a new logo and packaging as well as four brand new products. They have since relaunched and are sold in PNW Whole Foods and Costco.

New Logo

Product Packaging

We created 12oz labels for Grocery Stores like Whole Foods and New Seasons, as well as a 32oz label for Costco.

Case Box for Costco.

The case box was created to fit Costco’s specific needs. A window can be punched out to display the product and make it easy to display and refill in their retail space.

Before the Relaunch.


I created a responsive website for Heidi Ho using Adobe Muse and WordPress. The site included a store located that tracked the over 1,200 locations nationwide that carried our product. I would also create recipes and photograph them every week for our recipe blog.

Print Ads

Ads for Vegnews Magazine and Thrive Magazine.

Product Sell Sheets.